Intuition, gut, instincts

Whatever you call it when your soul speaks to you, is it something you listen to or do you ignore it and then find yourself in a place that just damages your soul more. I know that I am guilty of this way to many times in my life. I heard my soul speaking to me but I ignored her or told her to be quiet. Truthfully, I have spent most of my life ignoring my inner voice. Thought I knew better then my beautiful soul that just wanted to be heard so she could be her authentic self. Has it always turned out terrible? No. I have my three amazing children, because of one of those times. However, in each situation it definitely didn’t feed my soul or allow me to lead my pack with confidence. In two of those occasions I allowed myself to be abused verbally & emotionally, because I gave all the power to my demons and the other person. I allowed to happen, even as I cried and begged for them to stop. I allowed it to happen, because I felt if I just loved more they would stop. I allowed it to happen, because it was easier to stay. I allowed it to happen, because I silenced that inner spirit. Until one day I couldn’t ignore the howl any longer. I couldn’t ignore the numbness and emptiness. I couldn’t ignore the feeling any longer, that was telling me it was time to move on. That said you have stayed long enough here to learn what you can and silenced your true self for for to long. Each those situations have taught me more about myself and pushed me towards where the universe has always intended me to more towards. With each leaving I grow into a better mother, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better teacher, & a better leader of my packs. This most recent push seems different than the before and I believe it is because I have truly opened my being up to finally listen to my inner spirit.


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