Learn to Fly

Learn to fly was a repeated phrase I saw on multiple occasions today while out in about and even at home. Learn to fly. What message is my spirit trying to send me? Why is this message so important for me to hear today. So I began to search the internet for sayings about learn to fly.

fly 5

I am pretty confident it was not sent as a literal message. I have no desire to learn how to fly my own plane, but do have a child who has this as a life goal. I love to get into airplanes and fly off to new destinations, but I know that stage of my life has not begun.

learn to fly1


This one hit pretty close to home for me since I had just had a discussion with my counselor this week about how I have been chained down or caged for most of my life. That the demons inside of me allowed me to be kept down by those men in my life that I thought loved me. Now I am free from that cage and I am spreading my wings and I feel my spirit stretching out her wings.

learn to fly 3

Could it be this? I know that it is time for me to take the leap and go after all my dreams. That it is time to let my spirit guide me and take the risks that have scared me for so many years. I may fall, but what if the next time I get up and try again (because I always get up) I fly.

Fly 4


Then I saw this one and I knew what she wanted to remind me of today. She wanted me to stay focused on learning to F.L.Y. That it all starts with me and taking are of me first. It starts with me be honest with myself and make adjustments in order to be true to myself. It starts with me loving every part of me. It starts with me freeing myself of the old habits that attracted those things that chained me down. Until I learn to truly F.L.Y., it will all be going against my true spirit.


And then this song comes on while I am writing this piece tonight.

The Script – Superheroes

I am a work in progress, but I am learning to F.L.Y.




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