The One or The Many

So many times I have heard, you will meet your soulmate one day and you will be so happy. I have seen evidence of people around me who are obviously with their soulmates, and I wonder how they knew. I have felt a connection to people throughout my life, but I did not feel they were my soulmate as in the way described in the movies. Then I began to wonder, do we have one soulmate or can we have different types throughout our lives? Is there one type or are there many types? There are many references out there to the different types of soulmates, but this list is one that spoke to me. I do believe we may encounter many different types of soulmates. Some are lucky to meet all in one right from the start, while others like myself need to meet them separately until my soul is truly ready for the divine love.

soulmates 1

The Friend Soulmate

This one is pretty easy to understand. These are the friends that get you. These are the friends that help you the most through difficult times, because they speak truth and remind you to be true to yourself. These are the friends who have been around a lifetime, who even after not seeing or talking for what seems like ages, that you can let down all your guards. These are friends that come into your life during the most difficult times and help guide you through to the other side. These are the friends that you meet by chance, but as time goes by becomes a trusted friend and ally. These are the people in my tribes.

soulmate 3

The Affair Soulmate

This is the person that comes into our lives, usually in the form of a lover for a short period of time, but remains in your life after as a friend. You share a connection with this person that is positive and beautiful for both people. You learn important lessons from each other that helps you both on your journey. I know I have had at least one of this types of soulmate and he continues to be a positive force in my life after many years. He is still my friend and in times of doubt he is able to remind me that I am worthy of love. I believe this is what my next type of soulmate will be, because even though I am more awakened I still have some lessons to learn and this is what I want at this point on my journey.

soulmate 4

The Stranger Soulmate

These are the souls you meet in passing. These are the souls who may say only one sentence to you, but the meaning behind it is powerful. These are the souls who may have known our soul from past lives. These are the souls who may be the hardest to remember after they have passed through our lives so briefly. I am sure I have meet these souls on my journey, because I recall times of thinking how did that person know I needed to hear that. Maybe it in today’s world, it is something I read on social media that sticks with me throughout the day.

soulmate 7

The Teacher Soulmate

This type of soulmate is the ones that teach us the hardest lessons. They bring out the good and bad parts of ourselves. In my life, they are the ones who feed my demons, often for years. My two most significant relationships as an adult were most definitely teacher soulmates. Teachers souls will never see you as an equal. This was so very true in my experience and when my inner warrior tried to show them we were equal, she would unleash the demons in them to “put me in my place.” I have learned some hard lessons from both of these souls. I have learned a great deal about what I want and how I want to be treated from these souls. I have learned from these souls, and even though they caused me a lot of pain, I am forever grateful for those lessons. In the end though the ending of these relationships have propelled me on my journey, with last ending being that one that finally released my warrior and has put me firmly on my path.

soulmate 8

Divine Love Soulmate

This is the soulmate that you see in the movies, read about in the books, dream about as child, and hope that you meet. This is the soulmate that takes the best parts of all of the other soulmates and wraps them up in one beautiful package. This is the one I saw in others and was jealous, but now realize I had work to do before I found my divine love soulmate. This is the one that I have not meet in my life, but I hope to find on my journey. This is the one that I am not ready for at this point, because he is waiting for me to learn a few more lessons. This is the one that will not search for, because I know in the divine plan we will find each other when the time is right. This is the one that will tear down those final bricks in my wall, because they will be worthy of seeing the warrior in me. This is the one that will walk beside me, encourage me, support me, and set the world afire with me.

soulmate 9


Many soulmates have come into my life and changed me. Many soulmates have left their mark on my journey through this life. Many soulmates have helped me find me in the process. A few more soulmates will be part of my journey. A few more soulmates will help me learn some lessons. A few more soulmates will lead me to my divine love soulmate. My divine love soulmate is somewhere out there waiting. My divine love soulmate is pulling me forward. My divine love soulmate is calling out to my warrior to keep fighting. My divine love soulmate will come when the time is right.

soulmate 10

In the meantime, I will continue to open up my soul to receive love by simply sharing my love with others. I will continue to look for the magic within people, and share mine with them when they are willing. I will continue to be true to myself, and share my truth with others. I will continue to honor my warrior spirit by going forward on my path with trust in her to lead me. I will continue on my journey, because I am worthy, I am enough, I am strong, I am beautiful, and I am loved.

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