Finding Balance



Balance is the ability to evenly distribution weight in order for someone or something to remain upright and steady. Balance can often feel allusive to me when I am not mindful of just how I am feeling. Balance often feels like this picture to me, with me on the bottom trying to hold it all up on my shoulders.  Balance is hard to find on some days when you are a full time single mom,  a teacher, an activist, a friend, single and looking woman, and a warrior goddess, but always the goal.

balance 1

Being able to recognize when things are becoming overwhelming and step back has been huge in helping me keep my balance. I know the signs that I have lost my balance or am dangerously close to doing so. I know that irritability is my body saying you need to let go of that what I cannot control.  I know that fatigue is my body saying slow down and rest.  I know that foggy brain is my body saying you have way to many things your are trying to control. I know that aches mean I need to move my body in exercise to release negative energy. I know all this because I have learned to listen to my body and take the steps to heal. This is balance.

balance 4


Putting my needs first is still a struggle, because for to many years to count I always put myself towards the bottom. Putting others needs before my own kept me off balance for years and allowed the demons to remain in control. I am a nurturer to my core, but I didn’t nurture my own soul. I gave love to so many, but yet I didn’t give love to my own soul. I wanted others to be happy, but I didn’t do things to make my soul happy. Then my warrior broke free and I realized that if I nurture my soul, love myself first, and do what makes me happy, that those around me will still get what they need from me, but amplified. That by taking care of me, I am taking care of them. I know listen to my soul, and the warrior is in control. This is balance.



My mind swirls with how much I need to do to keep everything balanced. My mind spins with jumble of things that need my attention. My mind is tired after a day at work, but knows there is still so much more to do for that day. My mind is exhausted at the end of the week, but knows I have do more on the weekend. Yet, my mind craves conversation that stirs new thoughts and ideas. My mind longs for laughter with friends to counter the stress of the week. My mind desires to hear words of passion. My mind even when exhausted seeks out more to stimulate it to counter the drain. This is balance.

balance 3

Finding balance allows us to to be aware of our mind, body, and soul so that we can grow into our true authentic selves. Finding balance allows us to be true to our spirit. Finding balance allows us to take care of our bodies. Finding balance allows us to keep our mind to focus on what needs to be done and find ways to give it a break. Finding balance allows our warrior souls to remain in charge and the demons in cages. Finding balance is hard, but it can be done. Finding balance takes practice, but it can be done. Finding balance may hit obstacles, but it can be done. Finding balance allows you to clear your mind and enjoy the moments. Finding balance allows your body to heal and gives you energy. Finding balance allows your soul to find calm and frees you to love yourself and others authentically. Finding balance allows you to grow in all areas of life. Find your balance and grow. Find your balance.

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